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Winter is Coming: Protect Yourself with Mud

Seacret's Mud Therapy Hand and Foot Creams are a great way to keep your hands hydrated when the weather gets colder

Winter is coming – and that means less moisture in the air and even drier skin!

mud therapy hand creamWinter is one of the harshest seasons and it can take a huge toll on your skin. Seacret’s products are an amazing way to combat not only the dry cold air outside, but also the dry heated air inside. Choosing which products work the best for your skin at different times of the year is not only recommended but it’s also essential to staying healthy.

So which ones are great for these skin taxing times? Winter is when Seacret’s Mud Therapy Creams shine!

Seacret’s Mud Therapy Hand Cream and Foot Creams are specially formulated luxurious therapy creams.

One significant advantage of the Mud Therapy duo is the added benefit of Dead Sea Mud in addition to Dead Sea Minerals. The additional minerals will help your skin hold on to moisture longer, while the inclusion of Dead Sea Mud also makes these creams a truly therapeutic experience.

The Mud Therapy creams also have Shea Butter to make sure your hands stay silky smooth. Plus, it can also help soothe any itchiness that sometimes comes with dry winter skin. Finally, they offer a lighter, more neutral scent for individuals still looking for a mineral-rich treatment.

Since everybody’s hands are different and Seacret truly seeks to meet a wide variety of skin care needs, we developed this Therapy Hand Cream to soothe your hands when the cold air bites at your skin. For those days, your hands will thank you for the extra bit of mud to wrap themselves in, locking in the moisture they’d normally lose.