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Why We Love Aloe

(and you should too)

If you’ve ever experienced a nasty sunburn (let’s be honest, who hasn’t?), then you know that there’s nothing better to ease the sting than Aloe Vera, one of nature’s best skin care ingredients.

It’s because Aloe packs a powerful one-two punch: intense moisture and a wide variety of beneficial compounds.

If you cut a small section of an Aloe leaf, you’ll notice that it’s made almost entirely of moisture. But, this isn’t water you’re seeing, it’s a gel, and that gel is the good stuff.

Though Aloe gel is mostly water, it still contains over 75 active vitamins, minerals, and other organic compounds that are beneficial to your health. This creates a nutrient-rich gel that has has been known to deliver high levels of moisture to the skin without leaving a greasy or sticky residue.

It’s no wonder the ancient Egyptians called it the plant of immortality!

That’s why Seacret has included Aloe in many of its products—it’s just that good. See for yourself:

Meet The A-Team

Mineral-Rich Peeling Gel
Mineral-Rich Refining Toner
Balancing Facial Serum
Essential Moisture Face Cream
Essential Nutrition Eye Gel
Mineral-Rich Clarifying Mud Mask
Cuticle Oil
Hand Cream with Shea Butter
Refresh Vitamin-Rich Moisturizer
Regain Eye Cream
Renew Mineral-Rich Scrubbing Mask

Body Lotion
Recover Day Masque
Recover Night Masque
Men’s After-Shave Balm
Deep Cleansing Facial Wash
Men’s Liquid Face Wash
Men’s Oil Free Hydration Gel
Mud Therapy Hand Cream
Mud Therapy Foot Cream
Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover
Mineral-Rich Hydrating Mud Shampoo