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What’s the Deal with Chamomile?

A Seacret Weapon in the Fight Against Acne and Skin Irritation

From easing the pain of sunburn to helping you win the fight against acne, Chamomile is one of the best natural anti-inflammatory ingredients there are. Which is why Seacret has incorporated it into many of its products!

You’ve probably heard that drinking a cup of Chamomile tea before bedtime is a great way to ensure a restful night’s sleep. Some say that because Chamomile possesses anti-inflammatory properties, it’s calming and soothing, relieves muscle tension, and eases anxiety.

But what can it do for your skin?

It’s actually a great skin care ingredient, which we have incorporated into several of our products! When used topically, Chamomile acts as an effective antibacterial agent that can naturally rid the skin of the harmful bacteria that lead to acne and other forms of skin damage. In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties make Chamomile an attractive ingredient for those with sensitive skin.

It’s all because of phenols, which Chamomile is packed with. Phenols react with and capture free-radicals, compounds that can irritate the skin and cause damage.

Aside from soothing the sting of a sunburn and combating acne, Chamomile can also be used to lighten dark circles around the eyes, accelerate the healing process of minor wounds, and protect your skin from free-radical damage.

Find the Seacret product that’s right for you and see what Chamomile can do!

Team Chamomile
  • Balancing Facial Serum
  • Body Lotion
  • Essential Moisture Face Cream
  • Essential Nutrition Eye Gel
  • Intensive Moisture Face Cream
  • Intensive Moisture Night Cream
  • Men’s After-Shave Balm
  • Mineral-Rich Clarifying Mud Mask
  • Mineral-Rich Peeling Gel
  • Mineral-Rich Refining Toner
  • Recover Night Masque
  • REFRESH Vitamin-Rich Moisturizer
  • REGAIN Age-Defying Eye Cream
  • RENEW Mineral-Rich Scrubbing Mask
  • Salt Scrub