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What Does Your Mud Mask Selfie Say About You?!

The way you look in your Mud Mask Selfie can tell a lot about what you’re like as a person.

You’ve got your mud mask, you put it on, and now you want to show it off! Your choice of selfie can say a lot about you.

Evenly Coated & Completely Covered


If your selfie’s got you looking into the distance, while you and your mud mask are seamless, you’re clearly a very detail oriented and thorough person. When you need to get the job done, there are no spots left missing and you come as close to perfection as possible!

Shying out like You’ve Got Secrets


Even though you’re a little shy, you still want to show off what you love! You’ll post your mud mask selfie, but shy just out of the frame. That’s okay though, you still mean to show just how important taking care of your skin is to you!

Why So Secretly Serious


Your shades and stoic mud mask face mean business. You take your skin care seriously and don’t kid around when you’re treating your skin. Between your mug and your mask, you know how to get people to leave you alone while you’re nourishing your skin.

Getting Silly with Seacret


You use your face as a canvas and have some fun while applying your mud mask. Instead of just slapping a thick layer of mud you artistically apply it on as moustaches, goatees, or panda eyes, and snap a cute and fun picture before fully coating your face.

Up Close and Personal


Forget the background, forget the buds, you focus on what’s important and know how to spotlight it. Your selfie gets up close and personal with your mud mask. You make sure your photo shows that you’ve applied it just as the directions say, “thick layer to a clean face and neck while avoiding the eye area.”

Rock the Product


Not only do you demonstrate the product, you rock it in your selfie. Showing off what you’re using shows that you’re a very caring person and love to share what you love. This way, your friends, family and followers can learn what amazing products they could benefit from!

One’s Not Enough


Because one is just not enough, your selfies have several. You’re clearly a very bold person and like to put emphasis on what you love – like your mud mask! So instead, there isn’t just one mask in your selfie but at least two.

Only Halfway There


Everyone’s got their own way of putting on their mud masks and you’ll test the waters and apply to only half your face before you snap this selfie. You’re cautious and make sure you can see instant results before committing to something.

The More Masks, The Merrier


You’ve grabbed your buds and are excited to show off your masks together. Your mud mask selfie shows you as a Seacret Social Butterfly. You love the product, you love your friends, and you love showing off what a good time mud masks make.

The Muddy Duck Face or the Ducky Mud Face?

Muddy Duck Face

The ducklings know what’s up! Regardless of how you got there, your mud mask is drying and you need to snap a selfie. You’re not a dirty duckling, you’re just treating yourself! The duck face just shows you know what’ll make your skin feel good!

Show us your selfie by tagging #SeacretMudMaskSelfie or #MudMaskMonday and sharing your pictures with the Seacret Community on social media!