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Tiffaney and John Malott’s Journey to Crown

Tiffaney and John Have Found Huge Success as SEACRET Agents and Are Paying It Forward

“You can’t put a monetary value on how you can change a person from the inside out, and that’s the best part,” says Tiffaney Malott.

Cabinet Advisors, 7 Figure Ring Earners, and Crown Agents Tiffaney and John Malott have used SEACRET as a platform to transform their lives and fulfill the potential they knew they had in themselves.

Highlighted in for their work, Tiffaney and John explain how they’ve gone from a place of complacency to a life that continues to grow and improve in multiple aspects.

A high school dropout, John knew that his own success was independent of his past and found that relationship marketing with SEACRET was an opportunity that would allow him to carve his own path to the lifestyle that he wanted.

While on the other hand Tiffaney, who had been working at Smuckers making jelly, realized that while she had ticked off all the boxes she wanted – college, military service, and a stable job – she still knew that she wanted to do more.

Taking their future back into their own hands, Tiffaney and John turned to SEACRET after being introduced by Cabinet Advisor, 7 Figure Ring Earner, and Red Diamond Agent Joshua Denne. Tiffaney had previously used SEACRET products before, so it was easy for them to become SEACRET Agents and allow SEACRET to become the platform that would change not just their own lives, but the lives of others as well.

That is their story – not only the importance of being able to have the power to change their own lives and push that life to their definition of success, but also being able to inspire and be catalysts for others to do the same.

As SEACRET’s first Crown Agents, their three most important pieces of advice – lead by example, keep it simple, and stay focused – aren’t solely directed at change for improving a successful business but changing to improve a lifestyle. After becoming successful in their business, they have also become extremely influential in showing that success stems from excelling in all aspects, personal and professional, of life. They even provided “Top 10 Tips for Couples in Business” for the Networking Times.

The Mallots’ success is something that is not just a part of their business, as it has spilled over into their personal lives. As John says, “more than anything, what’s happening now is this paying it forward thing.” As inspirations and Leaders, they’re continually looking to help others reach their own goals of success.

We’re thrilled to have people like Tiffaney and John as catalysts for change within our SEACRET Community.

Want to achieve success like the Malotts? Learn how you can become an Agent!