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The Top 10 Things to do in Los Cabos

Agent Destination 2016 is Going to be Awesome!

Pack your bags, we’re taking the trip of a lifetime to Los Cabos, Mexico!

Seacret is rewarding your hard work with play for Agent Destination 2016! We’ll be heading to Los Cabos in Mexico to relax on gorgeous beaches, play in the sun, and party it up at one of the nightlife capitals of the world! Learn how you can qualify, and start planning your trip now!

10. Soak up the sun on the beach!


Pristine shores, clear blue water, a lounge chair, a gentle breeze, and a cool drink with a fruit wedge and little umbrella. Sounds amazing right? This is what awaits you at one of the many beaches of Los Cabos!

9. Rent a scooter and go exploring

Girl on a Scooter

One of the best ways to explore Cabo is by renting a scooter and hitting the road! Not only can you easily explore the city, but you can also quickly access many of Cabo’s beautiful beaches or take a beautiful ride on the coast.

8. See a gorgeous sunset over the Pacific


There’s nothing in this world that beats a beautiful beach sunset! Get your camera and head over to one of Cabo’s Pacific beaches and prepare to have your breath taken away!

7. Go whale watching

Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus) Mexico

Each year, hundreds of whales make the migration from the frigid waters of the Arctic to the warm waters around the tip of the Baja Peninsula. From winter to spring, Cabo is one of the best spots to view these majestic giants in their natural habitats! Watching whales feed, breech, and play in the warm waters is something you won’t want to miss!

6. Go snorkeling at Santa Maria Cove or Chileno Bay

Couple snorkeling in crystal clear water off Knip Beach in Curacao

Santa Maria Cove and Chileno Bay are the two best snorkeling locations around the Cabo area. Their crystal clear blue waters are always calm and they are home to plenty of friendly tropical fish!

5. Go sea-kayaking in a glass bottomed boat


One of the many fun things there are to do in Cabo is sea kayaking. But it’s even more fun when you do it in a glass-bottomed boat. With Cabo’s clear blue waters, you’ll get a view of marine life and undersea coral formations from the comfort of your own personal kayak!

4. Dance the night away at two of Los Cabos’ most famous nightlife spots: the Cabo Wabo Cantina or Club Mandala


The Cabo Wabo Cantina is a world-famous nightclub was founded in the early 1990’s by rock legend Sammy Hagar, who was singing and playing guitar for Van Halen at the time. According to Hagar, the club got it’s name after he watched a man walking unsteadily along the beach after a long night of partying–the Cabo Wobble. Wobble was shortened to Wabo, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Beats in my body

If Cabo Wabo is the best spot for live music, then Mandala is the place to go for electronic dance music! So get a table, order a bottle of bubbly or two, and dance the night away!

3. Soak up the sun at Lovers’ Beach and explore El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

loversbeach el archo

Two of Cabo’s most famous landmarks are Lover’s Beach and El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, both of which lie adjacent to each other where the waters of the Gulf of California meet the Pacific Beach. Lover’s Beach, on the right of the photo above, is a secluded beach that’s only accessible by boat, and offers stunning views. El Arco, a natural arch formation pictured on the left of the photo above is one of Cabo’s most photographed locations!

2. Swim with dolphins


This isn’t Seaworld, this is as real as it gets! So put your swim trunks and flippy-floppies on and go swimming with dolphins!

1. Make memories that will last a lifetime with your fellow Seacret Agents!

The best part about Agent Destination 2016, is that no matter what you do, no matter how you spend your time, you’re sure to make memories with your Seacret Family that you’ll always carry with you. So get ready for what will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Learn how you can qualify for Agent Destination 2016, and we will see you in Cabo!