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SHAKE Things Up with NEW Seacret Nutritional Products!

Welcome to the Seacret Nutrition family, Sevenpoint2!

Welcome Sevenpoint2 Nutrition

BOOST your wellness. RECOVER your health. Get your GREENS on. SHAKE things up.


We are excited to welcome SEVENPOINT2 nutrition to our SEACRET nutrition family! This is an entire line of organic, plant-based awesomeness that harnesses some of the most powerful miracles of nature. From greens in a tasty powder formula to add-to or sprinkle-on, to protein shakes to power your day with the potent nutrition from plants, this line is an incredible way to boost your vitality.


Start your day by shaking things up with a protein shake. We like to add a scoop of greens to the mix to increase the flavor and nutritional profile. The shake and greens taste delicious with just water but if you need a little more, feel free to mix it with some almond milk. Or, blend it togther with a handful of spinach, some berries, a half of a banana, and some ice for a creamy-dreamy smoothie. Go green to feed your body and get that enviable glow from the inside, out. By the way, the greens also come in convenient capsules so you can grab-and-go for a boost of health, anywhere. We all know that greens are good for you and very few of us get enough in our daily diet. The greens (powder or caps) give you the benefits of nutrition-dense grass foods minus the funky lawn-clippings taste.


Need an antioxidant boost? Check out the alkaline booster or recovery to help neutralize the effects of acid-forming foods and help promote an alkaline state in the cells and tissues. It is all about that pH balance and these products focus on amplifying your potential for hydrogen and reducing excess acid in the body. Hydrogen is remarkable. Try it for yourself and experience the boost.


We would love to see how you shake things up! Share your favorite shake recipes (or how you boost or recover) on Instagram and tag @seacretofficial so we can like and post. TO YOUR HEALTH! Shop now on Products are available in the US and Canada. 


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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