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It is time to sweat it out, sauna style.

Sharing five health benefits of the sauna

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been in a sauna.


We like them too. In fact, we think saunas shouldn’t be relegated to a once in a blue moon fitness center activity. These sweat sessions are an excellent addition to your wellness routine. A great way to unwind and recharge. And to treat yo’self as a healthy habit.


  1. Saunas relieve stress. Having quiet time is peaceful. Meditation is therapeutic. Sitting still for a period of time naturally calms the mind and releases endorphins.
  2. Saunas are a great detox. Saunas = sweat. And sweating is a fantastic way to support your body’s innate dextkfication processes. SWEAT IT ALL OUT!
  3. Saunas promote better sleep. Seriously. And who doesn’t want to sleep better? With all that sweat, a higher body temperature, and naturally released endorphins, you’ll leave the sauna feeling more restful and have an easier time falling and staying asleep.
  4. Saunas burn calories. Say whhaaaaat? Sit in a room and burn calories? Okay. Cool. Sign me up! Breaking a sweat burns calories. We’re not saying you’ll drop twenty pounds, but it might be the extra push you need.
  5. Saunas feel good. They just do. Everyone needs a break sometimes. Peace and quiet and time to unwind from the everyday stresses of life. Saunas have benefits for your physical and mental self so sit down, sweat it out, and reap the benefits!

Want to know a few of our favorite products to help with detox, stress relief, and sleeping?

Check out our Mineral Rich Clarifying Mud Mask to help with exfoliation, clarification, and more even-looking skin. An herbal complex of aloe vera, vitamin A, and essential oils leave your skin feeling soft and new. And what about a full-body mud experience? Our Mineral Rich Body Mud is like a spa treatment in a bag. Follow that up with a Dead Sea Bath Salt soak and a few Boosters before bedtime, and you will be feeling mighty fine.



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