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No-Shave November, Part 2

Beard Care and Maintenance

We’re over 2 weeks into our great No-Shave November journey, and it’s time to check in on the guys!

Anyone who has ever grown a beard before knows what happens between the first and second weeks of growth.

The itchiness. Oh, the itchiness!

Unfortunately, that’s what the guys are dealing with right now—except for Noel.

We aren’t sure about Noel, because he left his bearded brethren high and dry to do Seacret business in Germany. He’s probably having a lot of fun right now and driving a rental Porsche on the autobahn at top speed, while eating a bratwurst and giant Bavarian pretzel. We’re not jealous at all.

But, I digress. Let’s get back to the matter at hand—beards, and how proper beard care and maintenance with Seacret products can alleviate the irritation.

Why do Beards Itch?

If we’re going to cure the irritation, we need to look at the causes. To start with, any time you shave, you create jagged and sharp edges on the ends of the whiskers. As the whiskers grow out, they start rubbing against the skin and cause irritation.

The good news is that, over time, the ends of the whiskers will get dull and stop irritating your skin.

But there’s also more at play than jagged little whiskers.

As the whiskers grow, they also begin to trap things on your face like dirt, dust, dead skin cells, and little teeny tiny pieces of this morning’s breakfast. In addition, they also begin to absorb the oils from your face and cause dryness. This is a recipe for disaster—vulnerable skin trapped under coarse hair—and it requires targeted skin care to avoid.

What Can You Do About It?

Fortunately, Seacret has excellent products that will help you maintain and care for your skin to fight the irritation. It’s simple—all you have to do is add a targeted product to your normal skin care routine of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing!


Name: Michael J.
Beard Status: On track to looking like Abe Lincoln
Seacret Product: Purifying Peeling Milk w/ Apricot Seeds
The Strategy: Exfoliating and cleansing with the Purifying Peeling Milk is a great way to clear away the trapped dead skin cells, dirt, and debris from that ham sandwich you ate 4 hours ago. A clean beard is a happy beard.



Name: Kris N. (also pictured above)
Beard Status: Patchier than a pair of hand-me-down jeans
Seacret Product: Mineral-Rich Magnetic Mud Mask
The Strategy: M4 is a great product because, in addition to pulling away dirt and debris, it leaves behind essential oils that the skin needs. This goes a long way to alleviate the dry skin that beards can cause.

Kris M4 original quality


Name: Mike K.
Beard Status: A nice red beard. Is Mike an actual Viking?
Seacret Product: REVITALIZE Thermal Moisture Mask
The Strategy: REVITALIZE is pretty awesome. The Apricot Kernel powder provides excellent exfoliation, while the thermal action draws out dirt and debris. What’s left is smooth, soft, irritation-free skin.


Check back in with us at the end of November when we reveal the results and leave you with some final skin care advice!