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No-Shave November, Part 1

Shaving With Seacret

Let’s face it: facial hair is pretty awesome. But growing facial hair for a good cause? That’s awesomer.

Each fall, men all over the world take part in Movember or No-Shave November in the name of raising cancer awareness. This sounded like an excellent opportunity for us to not only take part in a good cause, but to also show what Seacret’s products can do for men’s skin.

So, we gathered together 4 esteemed gentlemen from Seacret HQ  and did a clean shave to prepare for a whisker-filled November. Each of the 4 participants followed a simple, 3-step shaving routine to get started:

Step 1: Cleanse with the Seacret product that’s right for your skin type. Cleansing before you shave will ensure that you’ve got a clean surface to work with and will help to prevent irritation.

Step 2: Use your favorite shaving product and start shaving! To minimize irritation, shave with the grain. If you want a super close shave, you can take a second pass against the grain.

Step 3: Finish by using your favorite Seacret moisturizer!

Now, on to our 4 No-Shave November participants:


Kris N.

Department: Customer Care
Title: VIP Support Team Lead
Cleanser: Facial Cleansing Milk
Moisturizer: Essential Moisture Face Cream
Fun Fact: A singer/songwriter, drummer, ping pong master, kung fu guru who can rap faster than you do.

Kris started his shaving routine with Seacret’s Facial Cleansing Milk, which is formulated for those with dry to normal/combination skin types. “It’s great for my skin type, and I absolutely love it,” Kris said. After shaving, Kris used the Essential Moisture Face Cream, which pairs nicely with his skin type and the Facial Cleansing Milk.
The result: “Normally when I shave, I get some irritation on my neck, some razor burn, and some bumps. But, I had no irritation whatsoever with these products.” According to Kris’s lady-friends, his skin has never felt so fresh!


Mike K.

Department: Marketing
Title: Social Media Specialist
Cleanser: Active Clear Facial Wash
Moisturizer: Men’s Oil-Free Hydration Gel
Fun Fact: He’s only ever cried once in his entire life. And that was when Goose died in Top Gun.

Next up was Mike, who plans to spend the month of November cultivating a mustache to rival that of Burt Reynolds. With his oily skin type, Seacret’s Active Clear Facial Wash was the obvious choice for his cleanser. “I loved the face wash, and it left my skin feeling really clean,” Mike said. With his shave complete, Mike finished up his shaving routine with the Men’s Oil-Free Hydration Gel, which pairs well with oilier skin types.
The result: A clean shave with no irritation. “These are really amazing products!”


Michael J.

Department: IT
Title: Software Engineer
Cleanser: Deep Cleansing Facial Wash
Moisturizer: Men’s After-Shave Balm
Fun Fact: A well-manicured beard turns his laziness into awesomeness.

Michael presented a unique challenge: as you can see in his picture, he actually started out with a full beard. And rather than trim his beard down with electric clippers before shaving with a razor, he skipped that step and took the razor to straight his beard. As most men know, taking a razor to a bushy beard is a recipe for turning your face into a bumpy, bloody mess. Fortunately, Deep Cleansing Facial Wash and Men’s After-Shave Balm were up for this monumental task.
The result: As you can see in the video above, Michael’s face was irritation free. “The cleanser was great and the after-shave had a great scent that was very mellow,” said Michael. “Usually I get some irritation on my neck, but not this time!”


Noel O.

Department: International
Title: Intl. Market Developer
Cleanser: Men’s Liquid Face Wash
Moisturizer: Intensive Moisture Face Cream
Fun Fact: In high school, Noel won an award for having incredibly beautiful hair.

With dry skin, Noel began by cleansing with the Men’s Liquid Face Wash. “The face wash smelled great and was great to use before my shave,” said Noel. After his shave, he moisturized with the Intensive Moisture Face Cream, the perfect product for his dry skin.
The result: A close shave with no irritation. “I will definitely start using these products in my shaving routine!”

Check back over the coming weeks to see how each of the guys are progressing! Along the way, we’ll be providing more skin care and facial hair maintenance tips!