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What Some of Our Favorite Moms Love

Hear from the mothers and others who inspire us the most, and discover their favorite Seacret products!

Moms From Our SEACRET Community Share Their Product Favorites.


Want to know what some rockstar moms from our community consider MUST HAVE items? Hear from some of our favorite fearsome and fabulous mothers (and others). They were kind enough to share their wishlist for Mother’s Day and how they treat themselves to some “me time” every day.


I juggle a lot in my daily life. Kids. Home. Friends. My business. It can be nuts, but it is so fulfilling. A good crazy. One of my favorite tricks is to treat myself to some form of pampering every day. Whether it is chocolate or ten minutes with a good book or a mud mask or foot massage with my favorite foot cream, I do something for just ME.



Even on days when I don’t exactly get all the sleep I need (or would like), I can’t afford to look like I am struggling. Eye booster is bae, y’all.



My thing is all about the detox bath. (At least) once a week, I soak my cares away. I like to be heavy-handed with the salts and bring in plenty of pleasant scents to carry my mind away to a mini-vacation in my own bathtub.



Honestly, I am low-key when it comes to what I do for myself. I am totally less-is-more. I don’t like a lot of fuss. But the one thing I can’t do without is a solid coat of mascara. That makes me feel put together and polished and lively. That and a swipe of lipstick for some pop, this mama is good to go.


We love you, moms! Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing women in our community.

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