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Mission 1000 Extended Until October 2!

Have you earned your bonus?

Exciting news! The Mission 1000 promotion has been extended until October 2, 2016. This is the perfect opportunity for you to make a little extra cash! Earn an additional $500, $1000 or even more when you sponsor new Agents and help them introduce and sell our products to customers. Something you already do!

Here’s How
Step 1: Sponsor 5 Superstar Eligible Agents and earn a $500 bonus in addition to your regular bonuses!

Step 2: Earn another $1,000 bonus for every 5 additional Superstar Eligible Agents you sponsor!

Step 3: Repeat! The more you do, the more you can potentially earn!

Below is a list of Agents who have already qualified for a Mission 1000 bonus. Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of the most lucrative promotion in our history!

$3,500 Bonus:
Hanh  Ho; Ontario, Canada

$2,500 Bonus:
Hmong Corp; Minnesota, USA

$1,500 Bonus:
Empowering Humans; Nevada, USA
Michael McCord; Oregon, USA
Michele Yuung Lee; California, USA
Yingyu Jin, California, USA
Myeong Sook Lee; California, USA

$500 Bonus:
Aaron Gonzales; California, USA
Aaron Kilthau & Alicia Humphries; Alberta, Canada
Alaina Johnson; Oregon, USA
Angela Blight; Saskatchewan, Canada
Angelica Vicencio; California, USA
Blanca Cervantes, California, USA
Cassidy Woods; Utah, USA
Charles Marmon; Connecticut, USA
Chau Hoang; Texas, USA
Chill Rae Chang; Illinois, USA
Chris Pemberton; USA
Christopher Frederick; Maryland, USA
Clint Asbell; Florida, USA
Dominic and Whitney Curry; Maryland, USA
Elyon and Stanley Johnson; North Carolina, USA
ESG3 Group; Washington, USA
Ester Molina; California, USA
Gil Ja Juhn; California, USA
Ha Quoc Ho; Ontario, Canada
Heasoon Sur; California, USA
Hong Shu Jiang; California, USA
Hung Nguyen; Arizona, USA
Jamie Davenport; Oklahoma, USA
Janice Liski Skinner; Alberta, Canada
Jason Elliot; California, USA
Jimpy Nagpal; Alberta, Canada
Johnny Kim Quach; California, USA
Jumuelle Ekid Ontario, Canada
Kasey Kahl; California, USA
Kay King; Oregon, USA
Kimberly O’Neill; New York, USA
Lisa Pollack; Michigan, USA
Menz Enterprises, Inc.; Minnesota, USA
Michele Donovan and Brandon Vydelingum; Ontario, Canada
MiSook Ha; California, USA
Nga Tran; Washington, USA
Par Te; Texas, USA
Patrick Hu; Texas, USA
Paul & Terri Pelly; Oregon, USA
Princesita Quigaman; British Columbia, CA
Rachel Perry; Arizona, USA
Rainy Pence; Colorado, USA
Ruthann Nettleton; Florida, USA
Samuel Pacoli; California, USA
Shakirah Karim and Felipe Martinez; Arizona, USA
Shari Foidart, Manitoba, CA
Sky J. Pence; Colorado, USA
Sue & Clinton Kinley; Virginia, USA
Tina Hofer; Alberta, Canada
Tracy & Rob Donald; Ontario, Canada
Tracy Zimmer; Alberta, CA
Trisha Verzera; North Carolina, USA
Tu Nguyen; Ontario, Canada
Tu Uyen La; California, USA
Tunde Stefan; Washington, USA
Xianji Luo; California, USA
Zindulf & Rowella Ekid; Ontario, Canada

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