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Lauren and Benjamin Bradshaw’s Success with SEACRET

They were the first to enroll 5 new Active Agents during Operation: 90 to Ignite!

On the road to success with the Bradshaws

It took less than a week for Agency Ambassadors, 6 Figure Ring Earners, and Diamond Agents Lauren and Ben Bradshaw to be the first Agents to enroll 5 new Active Agents as part of Operation: 90 to Ignite. But their success was the result of a commitment made in the first 24 hours.

“It was a decision to make it happen,” Ben said. “I called some of my friends and asked for referrals and people who maybe weren’t interested in our commitment to skin care before. I was looking for people who had a passion for skin care and wellness, and wanted to turn that passion into a business opportunity.”

Using the marketing techniques Ben discussed during his training at PEAK, Lauren and Ben enrolled their first Agent right away, but the next 4 were people he had previously exposed.

“80% of sales happen after multiple product exposures. Even professionals know that it takes a lot of exposures, and that the fortune is both in the immediate and long-term follow up,” said Ben. “So, we went back to people we had previously exposed. Because, the goal for a cold market is to turn it into a warm market, and that means you have to plant seeds and follow up.”

According to Ben, the secret to building your business is all about perspective: “View yourself as an employee of your business. Set a dollar value—what are you worth as an employee? What would you pay yourself? If you’re working as an employee, the results will take care of themselves.”

And for Lauren and Ben Bradshaw, their Operation: 90 to Ignite results have been quite impressive! So far, they’ve earned an exclusive Executive Watch, recognition on stage at Ignite, and an Operation: 90 to Ignite pin and certificate. But what’s even more exiting, they’re well on their way to earning an Apple Watch and an invitation to the Platinum & Above Celebration at Ignite!

Want to join Lauren and Ben onstage at Ignite?

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