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Jojoba Oil

A versatile oil that works wonders on dry skin

One of our most versatile ingredients that’s suitable for any skin type, Jojoba oil adds hydrating and moisturizing properties to each of the 14 unique Seacret products it’s found in!

Derived from the Jojoba plant, which is found mainly in the southwestern part of the United States, Jojoba oil and seeds have long been known to act as an emollient with healing properties. The oil and seeds from the plant have been used for a variety of reasons and are often heralded for the skin care and cosmetic benefits they can provide.

Jojoba oil is often an addition to cosmetic products because of its ability to provide moisture while avoiding the greasy feeling that oils can sometimes create. The chemical structure of the oil, which is remarkably similar to the chemical structure of the natural sebum that the skin produces, makes Jojoba uniquely suited to moisturizing your skin if it doesn’t produce enough sebum and is dry and cracked.

Five fun facts about Jojoba Oil:

  • The O’odham people, native Americans who reside primarily in the Sonoran Desert of eastern Arizona, named the plant and created a paste to use as an antioxidant salve for burns
  • Simmondsia chinensis is the scientific name for the Jojoba plant
  • You pronounce Jojoba, “hoe-hoe-buh”
  • Scientifically, the “oil” extracted is considered a liquid wax
  • Jojoba oil can be used in a variety of things such as cosmetics, food preparation, medicine, and as a possible energy efficient fuel

This key ingredient is found in many of our products because of its versatility and how beneficial it can be to the skin. Seacret uses quality ingredients in all of our products to ensure that we’re producing the best skin care products we can.

Seacret’s Jojoba Oil Lineup:

    • Purifying Peeling Milk with Apricot Seeds
    • Intensive Moisture Night Cream
    • Essential Nutrition Eye Gel
    • M4 – Mineral-Rich Magnetic Mud Mask
    • Mineral-Rich Clarifying Mud Mask
    • Body Butter
    • Cuticle Oil
    • Foot Cream with Tea Tree Oil


    • Salt Scrub
    • Restore Face Serum
    • Revive Eye Serum
    • Recover Night Masque
    • Mud Therapy Foot Cream
    • Mud Therapy Hand Cream