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Hosting a Community Day to Strengthen Your Business

Because nothing beats the simplicity of great food and good friends!

As the summer begins to wind down and the weather becomes cooler, it’s the perfect opportunity to fire up the grill and share Seacret!

Fall is the perfect time to be outside—cooler temperatures, barbecues, and fun with friends. But it’s also the perfect time to host a Seacret Community Day for Agents and Customers in your area to come together and bond. In addition, it’s the perfect opportunity to invite guests or friends who have not experienced Seacret’s products to try them out in a fun and laid-back environment.

To help you begin planning a fun Community Day in your area, here’s a list of tips to ensure it’s a success!

1. Where to have it? Consider a park.

Picnic tables and grill under wood roof structure in local park

Though we certainly understand the allure of hosting the event at your home, sometimes you want to change it up a bit and do something different! Your home might not have had the chance to catch up in size with your growing network just yet, and your event may need more space than you have.

To solve that problem, may we suggest a public park? Generally, these are located centrally within a city or town and have ample parking. They are also likely to have picnic tables, shelters, and grills that can be used or rented, and trashcans available for easy cleanup.

2. Good food, great entertainment!

Barbecue party

There are many great websites to find easy and portable picnic recipes. If you have your team members make a dish each, you’ll easily have enough food to feed everyone and their guests without having to break the bank. And there’s also the added benefit of fun recipes and dishes making great conversation starters!

As for entertainment, a successful Community Day doesn’t demand anything elaborate. If you’re having your event at a park, chances are, there’s already plenty of things available to keep the kids occupied, and plenty of room for the adults to spread out and play games like cornhole or bocce ball.

3. Set up a Seacret table!


With guests coming to this event, you’ll definitely want to set up a product table so they can try them out! Set out the 5 WOW Products — the Recover Day Masque, Mineral-Rich Peeling Gel, M4 Mineral-Rich Magnetic Mud Mask, Salt & Oil Scrub, and Nail Care Collection — and let the product speak for itself!

You will surely generate a lot of interest among the newcomers to Seacret, which will provide the perfect opportunity for you to share Seacret’s products and opportunity!

When you get everything planned, it’s time to spread the word! The easiest way to do this is to post your Community Day on SA Events. This way, anyone in your area can see the event, submit an RSVP, and bring guests. Once it’s posted, you can then link to it on social media.

Here’s to a successful Community Day!