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To Float or Not To Float

that is the question...

And the answer is, to FLOAT.


Do you guys know about float tank therapy? Flotation therapy is therapy that is undertaken by floating in a warm salt water in a float tankBasically you float weightlessly on your back in a dense saline solution. Sounds cool, right? We think so.


Floating has a lot of benefits, too. For one thing, it’s incredibly relaxing. Imagine being in a giant warm bathtub with all the lights off and complete silence. If that doesn’t sell you, we don’t know what will. Total relaxation. Sensory deprivation. Meditation. Mindfulness. Weightless. Effortless.


With all that relaxation and down time, you can meditate and really spark your creativity. It invigorates creative thinking and problem solving. People who float also get all the benefits of mediation without really having to “try” or “practice”. It’s very relaxing and you will reap amazing mental benefits from just one float session.


Floating has some great physical benefits as well. It relaxes muscles, helps lower blood pressure, relieves tension, improves sleep, and reduces pain and soreness.


People use float tanks when they want to spark creativity or relax. They float when they have sore muscles and pain. They float when they need peace and quiet and when they need to meditate. Basically, if you’ve got an issue, chances are, a float tank might help solve it. If all else fails, you’ll enjoy an hour of uninterrupted peace and stillness. Salt to the rescue, yet again.


Looking to buoy your relaxation game at home? Dissolve Dead Sea Salt in your bath and feel your troubles dissolve away. 




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