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Delivering a World-Class Customer Experience

Guest Writer: David Hartung, Director of Customer Experience & Loyalty

At SEACRET, we are dedicated to providing a World-Class Customer Experience and a “whatever it takes” attitude towards servicing our customers’ needs. We truly believe that breakthrough ideas and innovation stem from a deep understanding of our customers, and the personal, emotional connection we develop with each and every one of them.

Our passion runs so deep we refuse to use the term “Customer Service.” We use Customer Care, because we truly care about the needs of our Agents and Customers. Anyone can provide a “service,” but few provide the level of care that SEACRET does. The SEACRET Care Team is filled with fun, caring, and enthusiastic individuals who have a genuine desire to go above and beyond to ensure our Agents and Customers’ needs are not only met, but exceeded far beyond their wildest expectations!

Missing any items from your recent order? No problem. We’ll get a replacement out immediately and throw in one of our fabulous SEACRET products free of charge for the inconvenience. Plus, we’ll track the replacement order and follow up with a personal call from one of our Care Team members to ensure you received it! We also offer a live chat function, in addition to our phone and email support, and we guarantee your emails are answered within 24 business hours!

We welcome the opportunity for you to visit our Care Team Headquarters and read some of the many Agent and Customer compliments we have framed on our Care Team walls. They literally wrap around the room! When SEACRET HQ throws a WOW Party or other Corporate Event, the first stop is the Care Team, where you get a chance to not only meet, but talk with many of the Care Team members face-to-face!

Customer Care is where the SEACRET Magic happens. This is where you truly see the passion behind our #1 Core Value: Provide a world-class Customer experience!