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Operation: 90 to Ignite with Dallas Collier

Dallas was the first to enroll 20 new Active Agents for Operation: 90 to Ignite

A man on a mission…

Since SEACRET’s PEAK Leadership Training this past June, Bronze Agent Dallas Collier, a business student at St. Cloud State University, has become one of SEACRET’s rising Agents. He accepted Operation: 90 to Ignite and became the first to complete Mission: Sponsor by introducing the power of SEACRET products to 20 new Agents!

Dallas explains that he has always been passionate about seeking out new opportunities for himself and his loved ones. He knows his true purpose in life is to help as many people possible live the lives they have always dreamed of. Which is why he decided to partner with SEACRET.

Dallas was first WOWed when his mentor shared the SEACRET Opportunity video with him. “I saw the potential to be successful right away, and I knew I had the determination to do what the people in the video had achieved. They looked accomplished and happy, and I wanted to feel like they did. Then I learned about the Dead Sea, and my jaw dropped! I had no idea about its history and its therapeutic minerals, but I could see the potential in the products right away!”

Attending PEAK was a defining moment for Dallas. “After they announced Operation: 90 to Ignite and everyone got fired up, I told my friend that I would be the first one to reach 20 Agents.  I knew I had to do the work, plan my WOW Parties, expose people to SEACRET, and that is what I did.”

Dallas considers Operation: 90 to Ignite to be the best thing that could happen to Agents wanting to boost their SEACRET Business, and Dallas has taken full advantage of that. He’s being rewarded for his hard work with an Apple Watch, recognition onstage at Ignite, and an invitation to Ignite’s Platinum & Above Celebration!

Want to earn your Apple Watch?

  • Learn how you can become an Agent!
  • Already an Agent? Head over to our 90 to Ignite Page in your Backoffice to start planning your strategy!