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Your Daily Checklist for Success

5 Things for a Better You!

Raise your hand if you made some resolutions for 2018.

How’s it going? Still in it hardcore or did you give it up before January was already over? We’re not here to congratulate or shame you but rather to provide ideas of 5 small things you can do every day if you want to see positive change. Consider it your daily checklist for success and happiness. Because here’s the thing. Big goals are great, but they are hard. And sometimes changing small things can produce big changes.

  1. Make your bed every morning. Sounds easy enough, right? But here’s the thing. Sometimes our mornings are chaotic, we’ve got kids and school drop off, we have to take a shower and get ready for work. There’s just not time to make our beds. And what’s the big deal anyway if we’re just going to lay in it again at night? Making your bed every morning sets the tone of your day. Clean. Organized. Tidy. Put together. It anchors your room and your mind and gets you off on the right foot. Like mama always said: MAKE YOUR BED!
  2. Wash your face every morning and night. Don’t go to sleep with your make up on. And don’t let the remains of the day stick around while you sleep at night. Let your skin breathe at night and start your day with a fresh face. This should be non-negotiable. And you know we have plenty of options to help you with that… the Cleansing Milk is especially creamy-dreamy. Just saying.
  3. Go outside. We all know you need your daily dose of VITAMIN SEA but you also need your daily dose of Viatmin D. Be it on a walk or a bike ride or a stroll down the beach with your feet in the sand (we all wish, right?), the great outdoors good for your soul, plain and simple. Go breathe in some fresh air. It’ll make you happier. And what’s more important than that?
  4. Drink water. Drinking water is vital. Dehydration leads to headaches as well as a whole host of other problems. None of which you want. So, drink up.
  5. Take five minutes for yourself every day. Or make it an hour if you have it. Meditate. Do yoga. Read a book or your favorite magazine. Listen to a great podcast. Heck, stream your favorite feel-good (or guilty pleasure) televsion show for all we care. Just do something for yourself every single day. Even if it’s just taking a five minute shower alone without your kids pressing their little noses against the glass. #treatyoself

What’s something you can do for yourself today? What small change in your daily routine can you make to create positive change and happiness? Whatever it is, one of our suggestions or not, we hope you take it!



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