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Community Spotlight: Chris Frederick

Royale Agent and Professional Soccer Player

Chris Frederick’s story is a whirlwind of opportunities that have taken him to Germany as a professional soccer player and has landed him on the ground floor of one of SEACRET’s newest markets. It’s a testament to his dedication and commitment to achieving his dreams both on and off the soccer field.

It all started when he was 19. As Chris puts it, “I was playing college soccer at the time for Lock Haven University, but I decided I wanted more of a challenge. So I transferred to Mount St. Mary’s, a Division 1 school.”

Little did he know, the school would decide to eliminate the Men’s Soccer program before he’d ever have a chance to take the field. “I’m at this school, moving in, and I get a call from the coach with the news,” Chris said.

Like any good business person would, Chris turned those lemons into lemonade. “As this all happened, I was picked up by an Agency. And, there at 19 years old, they had a couple of German teams that were really interested in me, so I jumped on the opportunity.”

Chris spent his first 3 months in Germany playing as a goalkeeper for BSC Erlangen before spending a year with PSV Nurnberg and ultimately signing a 2 year contract with Tus Kastl EV. It was also around this time that he discovered the power of the Dead Sea in SEACRET’s products.

“I came back to the US for a little while, and that’s where I found SEACRET. I thought they had great products, so I decided to get involved,” Chris said. “At first, I was a customer, and as a couple years went by, I said, ‘Hey, I’m going to become an Agent, because this just makes sense!’”

I’m a professional athlete who’s also building a business with Seacret. And, as busy as I am, if I can build a business with Seacret, it’s realistic for anyone else to build with Seacret too.

Chris Frederick

The timing for Chris’s SEACRET journey couldn’t be better—he’s one of the first Agents on the ground as SEACRET prepares to officially launch in Germany. “I’ve been helping with the pre-launch in Germany right now, and this is an incredible opportunity! I’m working with a lot of the guys I play with, too,” Chris said.

Just as Chris’s professional soccer career is starting to take off, so is his career as a SEACRET Agent, and we all wish Chris the best of luck with soccer and with SEACRET!

Support Chris and follow him on Instagram at @christunder13

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