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Community Spotlight: Ann Marie Carrizales

A Veteran of the Marine Corps, a Police Officer Shot in the Line of Duty, a Mother, a Wife, and a Bronze Seacret Agent

Not many people can say that they are not only a decorated police officer, but a Seacret Agent as well. Bronze Agent Ann Marie Carrizales, however, easily assumes both roles.

Officer Ann Marie Carrizales was making a routine traffic stop in October 2013 when she was shot in the face and the chest by one of three men inside the car she stopped. The first bullet went through her cheek while the second struck her bullet-resistant vest. However, that did not stop her from getting back in her car to pursue the fleeing suspects; which eventually led to their arrests.

Ann has been awarded for her bravery by many in the State of Texas and has been recognized locally and internationally. In fact, just one day after her birthday on August 21, 2015, she was awarded a Congressional Badge of Bravery, presented to her by Congressman Peter Olson.

However, not only is she an outstanding officer, but also a veteran, a mother, a wife, and a Seacret Agent!

How she found her way into the Seacret Family is thanks to Platinum Agent Brian Cook, who reached out to Ann via Facebook after she was hurt. “Brian reached out to me via social media, as a fellow Marine brother, and we connected and built our friendship. Our paths crossed over 20 years ago, but God brought us back together in 2013.” That relationship led to her introduction to Seacret.

Brian flew Ann and her husband Chris out to one of Seacret HQ’s Community Days, where she says her prayers were answered. “If I’d never taken that trip and hadn’t met Izhak, we’d never been able to call ourselves Seacret Agents.”

Her background as a Marine and as a police officer simply added to her love for a mission oriented company with strong core values. “Being a Marine, you’re taught straight away to support a common goal and to empower and support the weakest link,” Ann said, “so I fit right in.”


One of the beautiful things about Seacret that I love, is all the stories. We’ve all fought through serious adversities and overcome them.

Ann Marie Carrizales

Seacret, she said, “is something that I had been praying for, that I could do with my husband.” More than just a company, she truly believes in the community and family that Seacret creates to empower and support all of their Agents.

She and her husband, Chris Mathis, agreed that Seacret changed their lives. “It brought us together. We find ourselves washing our faces in the morning together, holding each other accountable, even being like, ‘Did you use your toner?’” Chris said.

They have whole heartedly embraced their business together. “I would not, could not, do this without my husband. We truly do work on our business together. In fact, I don’t know that I would’ve made it through all the darkness without him. He is my rock” Ann said.

Ann and Chris attended Ignite, Seacret’s Fall 2015 North American Convention. Ann was pulled on stage by keynote speaker, John C. Maxwell,where she was a part of his “Minute with Maxwell” series by describing what the word “hero” means to her. She shared her story with all of the Agents attending Ignite and continues to inspire with her bravery and dedication.


To learn more about Ann’s story, visit her Facebook page.

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