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Cindy and Josh Denne: Our Newest Crown Agents

The newest North American Crown Agents, Cindy and Josh Denne have worked hard to achieve success

The path to success is very rarely an easy one and the same goes for Cindy and Josh Denne. Just a few years ago, the couple were given notice about being evicted from their home. Now, these two can be found traveling the world with their two young daughters and continually setting an example for the rest of the Seacret community.

After an incredible 2015, Cindy and Josh Denne became the second couple in North America to reach the rank of Crown Agent.

Before Seacret, the Dennes faced financial troubles. Amidst these difficulties, Josh video blogged his experience and explains in a YouTube video, “My spirit, my mind, my family – that’s what’s really valuable. And I can tell you this, if you’re at that moment in life right now where you’re feeling that it’s all lost because you just don’t have any money? I’m telling you that’s not true. I’m telling you it doesn’t matter.”

Little did they know, they would soon find Seacret. After answering an advertisement, Josh says, “I showed up at a presentation and met some people that I thought were wizards.”

After deciding to go for the opportunity, CEO, Co-Founder, and President Izhak Ben Shabat even let the Dennes stay with him while they were jumpstarting their business with Seacret and working towards success. Their first encounter with other Agents showed them that Seacret was an opportunity where they saw “people who came from seemingly nothing become very successful financially,” which inspired them to want to do the same.

Like many other new Agents and Customers, they saw and experienced the products, which led them to join with full force. Coming from backgrounds where they had worked minimum wage jobs working as a bank teller and cleaning floors at a machine shop, they found that Seacret is more than just a job, more than just a way to make a living – it is a lifestyle.

Josh describes working prior to Seacret as, “existing to pay my bills, I wasn’t really living.” Now, as Seacret’s newest Crown Agents, existing to pay bills is the furthest thing from what the Dennes are doing. Their hard work and perseverance has paid off, and as Leaders in the Seacret Community, their contribution is widely felt.

From contributing to helping other Agents get started and providing amazing training, to often hosting Seacret’s weekly VisionCast webinar, this couple has managed to fully accomplish many of the dreams they had back when they were struggling to pay rent and electric bills. Not only that, they continue to help many others achieve their own dreams.