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Hair Care that’s 50 Years in the Making!

Argan Oil works wonders on dry, brittle, and frizzy hair! Even the goats are crazy about it!

By now, you may have heard of Argan Oil—its abilities to tame the frizz while strengthening and moisturizing dry and brittle hair have made it a highly-sought-after ingredient in many luxury hair care products. But, you won’t find it in most hair care products because it’s expensive and difficult to produce.

For starters, there are only two places in the world where the Argan tree grows naturally: the Sous Valley of Morocco and the Tindouf region of Algeria—making the tree itself quite rare on a global scale. Once an Argan seed is planted, it then takes around 50 years before the tree will begin bearing the fruit which produces the oil-rich seeds.

But things get even more complicated when it’s time to extract the oil. If tree-climbing goats (yes, goats have developed the ability to climb trees) haven’t already devoured the fruit, the oil from the fruit must be extracted by hand, as there is no mechanical way to do it without damaging it.

The oil, however, is incredibly rich and full of nutrients the hair craves—Vitamin E, phenols, carotenes, and fatty acids. Fortunately for you, SEACRET has packed all of their Hair Care products with Argan Oil so you can experience truly luxurious hair care!

Give your hair the gift of Argan Oil with these incredible SEACRET products:

    • Mineral-Rich Hydrating Mud Shampoo
    • Mineral-Rich Vitalizing Mud Conditioner
    • Mineral-Rich Reviving Mud Hair Mask – Now Available!
    • Nourishing Hair Serum – Now Available!