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A Lesson on Leadership from John Maxwell

Cultivating Creativity Might be the Solution to Your Biggest Problem

“To face the greatest challenges of life, we need to cultivate creative thinking…you need to tap into every good idea you have.”

Being part of the SEACRET community means a lot of things. Not only does it mean having the freedom to run your own business, but it also means becoming a better person and a better leader. John Maxwell, the world’s #1 expert on leadership and management, is coming to Ignite to deliver a keynote address that will help you develop the leader within you.

So, how does creativity come in to play?

According to Maxwell, creativity is a necessary skill to have as a leader. Not only does it allow you to think outside of the box and find smart solutions for difficult problems, but it also allows you to raise the standards of your team.

To build your leadership talents and the strength of your team, cultivating creativity is a must. As Maxwell put it recently, cultivating creativity can be quite simple:

  1. Spend time with creative people and let their way of thinking challenge and influence yours.
  2. Look for the obvious solution and don’t waste time looking for the “big” solution. Often the simplest solution is best.
  3. Be willing to look at unreasonable ideas. Often, they expand your thinking and lead to breakthroughs you might otherwise miss.
  4. Practice mental agility. Rigid, bureaucratic thinking is in direct opposition to innovation and creativity.
  5. Dare to be different. You must cultivate a willingness to challenge every rule and assumption.
  6. See problems as opportunities. Sometimes the only difference between the two is the word you use to describe it.

It’s bold  and inspired thinking like this that’s why we are bringing the opportunity to hear John Maxwell to you; we want him to help ignite the creativity in you, and help inspire success in as many ways as possible. Being a part of SEACRET means having the support of everyone in the Community, and it means learning from people who could potentially change your life–people like John Maxwell.

Join us at Ignite and learn how to strengthen your team and your leadership skills from John Maxwell!